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Cosmos Extracts

The Purest and Most Natural Products Possible

Only the Best

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their physical, emotional and spiritually uplifting properties. Cosmos Xtracts continues this tradition by providing oils that are the purest and most primal concentration of the cannabis herb.

We do this by first choosing the best plant material – you can’t have the finest oil if you don’t start with the best natural product. Next we use our unique method for extracting the oils from the plant. Our formulation retains the best parts of the herb while leaving behind the undesirable parts. Finally, we choose optimum delivery devices to ensure an end product that provides the best the plant has to offer and a convenient method for use.

Experience. Process. Focus.

Paul Ogburn, founder of Cosmos Xtracts, began his career in the military where he learned and embraced a way of operating through his Special Forces training that continues to this day: be single-minded in your focus on the goal, choosing the right strategy to achieve it, and assemble the most qualified team to deliver results. It is a simple and inspiring approach that translates through to his leadership within Cosmos Xtracts.

At Cosmos Xtracts, the goal is to deliver the purest and most natural products possible; ones that are absolutely authentic to the original plant. Having set that goal, Paul sought council and put in the long hours to perfect the process. Always making sure there is never any artificial anything. Ever. Starting with quality material, choosing organic processes (even when it’s more challenging) and pushing the limit of what can be expected are true to who Paul is and the strategy he employed with Cosmos Xtracts.  His intensity and focus allows the best of the plant to shine.

The result is products that are the purest and most primal concentration of the cannabis herb. The team Paul has assembled around him represents the top talent in each critical phase of the process. Each team member is committed to ensuring that you get all the great parts of the plant, in a superior and convenient way.

Cosmos Xtracts marijuana flower

You can’t offer the best products without the best ingredients.

Cosmos Xtracts cannabis oil pour

Processes that honor the plant, not taking away or adding to the plant through chemical processes.

cosmos xtracts cannabis concentrate products

Convenient and better delivery devices for each product.

Cosmos Xtracts cannabis oil concentrates

The purest and most primal concentration of cannabis herb available today.

The goal was set, the options were weighed, the course was charted, the team was assembled and now we are so excited to share Cosmos Xtracts with you.

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Cosmos Xtracts Paul Ogburn

Paul Ogburn


Paul Ogburn, founder of Cosmos Xtracts, learned the skills he employs today from his military experience in Special Forces. With a single minded focus on our brand goal – to provide products as close to the natural plant as possible – Paul perfected an operational system that achieves exactly that. Leaning again on the skills he acquired from the military, he hand-picked a team who is inspired by his vision and dedicated to delivering results in all phases of the business.

Cosmos Xtracts Paul Ogburn
Cosmos Xtracts Shelby Campbell
Cosmos Xtracts Shelby Campbell

Shelby Campbell

Marketing Director

As Marketing Director for Cosmo Xtracts, Shelby uses her Marketing and Natural Health background to tell the story of the brand. Shelby studied Business Management & Design and managed the sales efforts for a construction company for 13 years. In 2011, she was certified as a Natural Health Practitioner and led a naturopathic company into retail and a period of tremendous growth. It was Shelby’s diverse skill set that brought her to Cosmos Xtracts as the head of marketing.She sees this as the perfect opportunity to blend her business knowledge, interest in natural medicine and belief in the benefits of cannabis into the Cosmos Xtracts brand story.

Cosmos Xtracts Noah Ley

Noah Ley

Finance Director

Noah served in the US Army for 11 years as a Special Forces Engineer Sergeant, including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Noah left the military to pursue a degree in Business Finance from the University of Washington. During his studies, Noah had an Amazon internship in Operations Finance, was an event coordinator for an adventure race company, and consulted for a defense intelligence company. His ability to be clear, concise and direct is a true asset in a new and rapidly changing industry.

Cosmos Xtracts Noah Ley