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Cosmos Extracts

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Cosmos Xtract cannabis oil catridges

Vape Cartridge

Cosmos Xtracts CO2 Vape Cartridge is unlike anything else on the market today. It is powered with JUJU Joint technology for extreme reliability and taste. Unlike every other cannabis vape cartridge on the market today, Cosmos Xtracts CO2 Vape Cartridge uses a glass wick instead of cotton, nylon, or other synthetic fibers which release carcinogenic gasses (like benzene!) when heated. This cartridge also produces more vapor per puff than a JUJU Joint, to please the higher-tolerance patient.

Battery Pack

Created for use with the Cosmos Cartridge, the battery pack comes with the specially designed battery and USB charger for easy re-charge. The battery set comes in a convenient, re-usable branded tin that includes (2) empty spots for your Cosmos cartridges (sold separately).

Cosmos Xtracts rechargeable batter tin
Cosmos Xtracts cannabis concentrates


Cosmos Extracts’ CO2 Cannabis Dabs are pure, unadulterated cannabis concentrates that are extracted with super-critical CO2. These dabs are our most raw and primal concentration of the cannabis herb. Cosmos Extracts’ CO2 Cannabis Dabs are most appreciated by the person who desires a full flavor smoke or vapor.


Introducing Cosmos Xtracts CO2 Cannabis Sap! This concentrate is thrice-refined for maximum potency, smoothness of smoke, and free of plant waxes, pigments, and other compounds which may offer no benefit when smoked. Cosmos Xtracts CO2 Cannabis Sap is for the person who wants the cleanest, purest smoking or vaping oil that modern extraction technology can produce, while still containing cannabis plant terpenes and cannabinoids which are not present in “clear” concentrates.

Cosmos Xtracts cannabis oil sap
Cosmos Xtracts activated cannabis concentrate

Activated Concentrate

Cosmos Xtracts’ Activated CO2 Cannabis Concentrate is pure and classic cannabis concentrates that are extracted super-critically, providing activated THC for ingestion. Cosmos Xtracts’ Activated CO2 Cannabis Concentrate is most appreciated by a person who is looking for oral consumption of an herbal concentrate either directly or through other baking methods.

Sub-lingual Spray

Cosmos Xtracts sub-lingual spray is designed for absorption through the mucus membranes in the mouth. 2-3 pumps under the tongue and hold there for 5-10 minutes. Natural flavor of peppermint added for a fresh feel and taste in the mouth.

Cosmos Xtract cannabis sublingual coming soon
Cosmos Xtract cannabis salve coming soon 2


Dense and rich, 100% organic salve acts as a barrier to harsh weather conditions and imparts activated cannabis oil to dry, chafed or chapped skin.


This versatile, 100% organic crème by Cosmos Xtracts is great for the entire body – head to toe and infused with our activated cannabis oil. This crème will leave your skin, hair and nails feeling soft and supple without feeling greasy or weighed down.

Cosmos Xtract cannabis salve coming soon 1600x1200