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Cosmos Extracts

Experience the Cosmos Difference

As natural and pure as humanly possible.

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Our process makes the difference

Simply put, Cosmos Xtracts™ offers CO2 extracted cannabis oil products that are as close to the natural plant as possible. We do this with a unique, quality-control process that retains more of the good parts of the plant (like terpenes) and less of the bad. We never add any flavoring, coloring, solvents or other artificial ingredients. The result ensures that Cosmos Xtracts products are the purest and most natural products possible, and true to the scent and flavor profile of the strains you know and love.


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Only the best.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their physical, emotional and spiritual uplifting properties. Cosmos Xtracts continues this tradition by providing oils that are as the purest and most primal concentration of the cannabis herb as possible.

We do this by first choosing the best plant material – you can’t have the finest oil if you don’t start with the best natural product. Next we use our unique method for extracting the oils from the plant. Our formulation retains the best parts of the herb while leaving behind the undesirable parts. Finally, we choose optimum delivery devices to ensure an end product that provides the best the plant has to offer and a convenient method for use.

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